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Welcome to your ultimate go-to torticollis & milestone development resource!
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Mama,you NEED this community if...

+ You feel like you go from a lack of information to information OVERWHELM.

+ Your family doesn't see any issue. This makes you second guess and feel like you're going crazy.

+ You feel like your mama intuition has been ignored.

+ You feel alone. No one seems to understand.

+ You  worry and feel anxious more than you'd like to admit.

+ You are hyperaware of everything "wrong" and it is robbing you of experiencing joy.

+ You feel like your snuggles have been replaced with the struggles of constant stretching.

+ You feel frustrated, defeated, exhausted, just to name a few.

+ You find yourself wondering if torticollis is going to be forever.

+ You don't know what to do but the fear of doing nothing is paralyzing.

I get it, Mama! Torticollis is TOUGH!

Wether in the clinic or online, I have had years of experience in the torticollis world. I work with moms JUST LIKE YOU all of the time. Mama, this journey is tough. Trust me when I say that this is a JOURNEY and not an overnight success. No, you are not going crazy... yes, your mama instinct was right. And mama guilt? The horrific mama guilt! You are NOT alone! 

In my years of mentorship with countless mamas, I feel confident saying that, not only is there  a lack of reliable information out there , but there is also a HUGE lack of emotional support and community. I mean, think about it, your little one has been to PT. They've likely visited other professionals like chiropractic or cranio therapy... but YOU are still searching for something more. 

You're searching for reliable support to confidently guide your next best steps. Support to have your concerns VALIDATED. Support of like-minded mamas who just get it! And for goodness sake, you are looking for moments to NOT think about the struggles of torticollis.

Mama, it breaks my heart to hear your fears and frustrations. To hear that so many moms are not receiving the proper support needed to feel knowledgable about the torticollis and milestone journey. I am here to be an advocate for your little one. But when we look at the full picture, I need to be here for YOU too. 


I am here to guide you, to educate you, to show you the next steps that I wish all mamas had the peace of mind about, but most importantly, to help you feel EMPOWERED & CONFIDENT.


It is going to be okay.

Imagine This...

+ You feel knowledgable about your little one's torticollis journey!

+ You understand the implications of torticollis and expectations of what's to come!

+ You have the confidence in knowing the best next step for your child!

+ Your "panic button" no longer means sleepless nights searching the internet, but rather, direct access to a torticollis expert!

+ You can finally rest assured that everything is going to be okay!

+ You can reclaim the JOY of your child's milestone journey!

+ Your concerns are always heard and validated!

+ You are surrounded by a community of like-minded mamas who... just get it!

What's Included:
  • Bi-weekly Live Q&A session's with Dr. Amy, The Milestone Mentor

  • Smaller Community for Increased Visibility & Attention

  • Exclusive Support & Group Chats

  • Amazing Perks for New Products & Services

  • Webinar Talks with Guest Speakers

  • Options to Upgrade to All-Inclusive Support Mentorship

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