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Torticollis Masterclass

Everything that you didn't know

you needed to know!

$20 USD Class Fee

Image by Walaa Khaleel


Did you think that, even for a moment, you had your little one's torticollis under control? And then that pesky tilt came back.

Have you been struggling with mastering torticollis stretches for months now?

Maybe you are feeling burnt out because you've just spent hours last night scouring the internet for answers instead of taking that opportunity to rest peacefully?

Mama! This masterclass is for you!!!

During this online masterclass, we will be discussing ALL THINGS torticollis. Join me as we dive into how YOU can take control of your little one's torticollis journey.  

This is a 1 hour 10 minute video. Available for a 72 hour online rental.

Mother with her Child

I am so excited that you have invited me to come alongside you on this journey!

Your Torticollis Consultant,

The Milestone Mentor

***Upcoming LIVE Webinar Dates: TBD
If you are interested in a LIVE masterclass, please fill out the interest form below. 

What is your experience with torticollis?

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